Management and Development Consultants
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  • Change Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Inclusive Growth Strategies
  • Evidence-based Planning
  • Corporate Renewal
  • Youth Empowerment


WitsConsult (Wits) has a unique approach in meeting clients’ needs: we recognize that every organization, especially yours, is unique, so also is every problem or challenge. Even situations with the same problem definition may not necessarily attract the same solutions because the context in terms of culture, people etc. will not be the same. This reality informs our approach in handling every client’s assignment; we treat you as unique and give you solutions that are tailor-made for your specific needs. Review, observation, listening, consultation, discussions, interviews etc and other appropriate collaborative techniques usually precede every engagement to fully understand the organization, her people and what make her tick. Until we understand your organization almost as well as you do we do not accept we are ready to take on the assignment. Our clients naturally accept us as partners. Until we understand the context and what makes you tick we do not proffer a solution.But when do, we offer intelligent solutions that impact your bottom line in a positive way. 

ebpdn.org Evidence-Based Policy in Development Network
The Evidence-Based Policy in Development Network (ebpdn.org) is a website aimed at building a world-wide community of those committed to building more evidence-based, pro-poor development policies. The site includes discussion forums, details of projects and partner organisations, and a resource section that covers reports, toolkits, presentations and other useful materials. All the site content is freely available, but those who register as members of the ebpdn will also be able to participate in the discussion forums, upload their own resources and projects, and comment on the available resources.